Restricted Key Systems guarantee that your keys will never be copied without your authorisation.

Today, whatever type of security system is in place, whether it is mechanical, mechatronic or electronic; you need to know that you have the highest level of protection from sabotage possible for the system you have implemented. This is certainly the case with a master suite, where unauthorised duplication can mean a complete breach of security.

Whether you need to secure one building or an entire multi-level complex, we have the system for you to keep total control. We supply master and restricted key systems for Strata, Commercial, Business and Home security to suit all budgets and security needs, including:

  • Kaba GeGe
  • Lockwood Generation 6
  • GN System


No matter what lock system is installed, if keys can be duplicated without your knowledge or authority, then your security is compromised.

24 Seven Master Locksmiths Brisbane markets through its ‘three branches’, controlled locking systems. This control operates in a similar manner to a cheque account. When our restricted locking system is ordered you initiate an authority requirement. In effect, duplicate keys will only be supplied for your system when your authority requirements are met. That authority includes signature control. It is important to note that 24 Seven Master Locksmiths Brisbane is legally bound to cut only the keys to systems for which we hold the signature and owner controls. Our restricted systems are protected by Design Registration and Patents.


The security of a master key system depends on key control and legal protection. Kaba GeGe, Lockwood Generation 6 and the GN System all employ both of these crucial measures, guaranteeing you peace of mind through the greatest possible security.


Key Management Software is available for controlling of keys and door access. It will allow you to allocate keys, evaluate who has access to what doors, provide reports, order additional keys and record returned or damaged keys.