Restricted key systems are increasing in popularity, not only in the commercial industry but for private homeowners. The knowledge of knowing you have implemented a system which provides the highest level of protection from tampering and unauthorised duplication of keys is becoming more prevalent as business and homeowners attempt to decrease the risk of illegal entry or burglary.

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All professional locksmiths have the permission and experience to create a restricted key system – a system that ensures your keys will never be copied without authorisation from the correct personnel; a system which provides limited or all-inclusive access for personnel with different clearance levels; and a system which is heavily documented and controlled by the locksmith company which set up the system in collaboration with company directors, homeowners or other authorised personnel.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a system which sets up restricted access to certain parts of your business or premises, or if you are looking for the safest and most secure way of ensuring the overall security of your home or office, the implementation of a restricted key system is practical, cost effective and beneficial.


The pinnacle of security, Restricted Key Systems offer superior protection for homeowners and business owners alike. The need for better security systems is growing with the increase in population density within our cities. In response to this need for increased security measures, companies and homeowners are turning to restricted key systems for peace of mind.

The use of security key blanks which are specifically designed keys (set up by your professional locksmith and patented) for individual circumstances, are recorded and can only be obtained from the locksmith’s business which initially designed the system.

The added security of virtually eliminating the risk of unauthorised personnel entering restricted space, knowing who has keys and what level of access they have.

The ability to set up a tiered security system which limits access on a clearance level to certain areas, certain buildings and certain locations

The implementation of a master key which can open different locks that are normally opened by two different keys. This allows high security access to all areas in which the restricted key system has been implemented, including multiple locations.

The convenience and added security received from the design and implementation of a restricted key system which is managed under the strictest of confidentiality regulations is well worth considering if you are looking for the best security available.

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